How it Works

Stockified is a free service which lets users know when their must-have products are back in stock. Targeting mainly clothing based online stores, we track your product stock levels every minute. So when they're back in stock we can let you know straight away.

We understand how frustrating it can be to see the status of the product you want as 'Out of stock'; especially if you've come back online time and time again, only to find it's seemingly in the same empty state!

It's actually likely that item has come back in stock many times, but you've just not been online when it's been available. Instead of leaving it to chance, we came up with a simple solution to let you know exactly when that product has been replenished.

How do I begin?

First you'll need to register an account with us - this is so we can send you those all-important notification emails.

Once logged in just enter the product link into the search box, choose the exact size/type you wish to track and you're up and running.

How will I know when my item is back in stock?

There's two ways we'll let you know:

  • Email - We'll send you a notification email which contains a link to the product. There's also an option to stop future notifications in these emails.
  • Tracked items page - This page contains a list of your tracked products and will update every minute automatically, if something is back in stock your product container will turn pink and a link to the product will become available, the title on the website tab will also change.

Which retail stores can I track products from?

We curently track the following leading retailers:

  • Newlook
  • River Island
  • Next
  • Littlewoods
  • Very / Very Exclusive
  • Debenhams
  • Marks & Spencer
  • John Lewis
  • Topshop
  • Simlpy Be

If there are other online retailers you'd like us to track then let us know via the contact page, and we'll see what we can do.

How does it work?

Essentially, we retrieve a live data screenshot of your selected item. With this informatiion we can determine the current stock levels and the size/type they're assigned to, so if the item has come back in stock, we'll know about it!

In the event that something goes wrong..

Stockified is a free service and is not affiliated with the retailers which we track, so if there happens to be any issues with the search facility it may be that the retailer's website is being updated and/or is down for maintenance. If you notice any problems please do let us know via the contact form and we'll investigate as soon as possible.